For Apple and its suppliers it’s time to think different

The iPhone4s is not enough. Not anymore. And not this time. Apple needs to make a step forward. Towards evolution and human rights. Towards recognizing labour rights in the southeastern plants of China. “Designed in California by Apple / Assembled in China”: the formula doesn’t fit anymore.

Mike Daisey, who’s bringing to New York his latest piece “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” , told the NY Times:

“What was shocking to me was the level of dehumanization built into the systems that have been put into place by American corporations in collusion with suppliers. Let’s be clear. The manufacturing jobs are the way that they are because we’ve chosen to collude with a fascist country, to strip away the labor conditions that so many thousands fought and died for to make possible. It’s not a function of manufacturing. They’re a function of our decision to strip away essential human rights.”