Margaret Atwood su fantascienza, distopia, realtà

 L’intervista è sull’Atlantic. “I don’t know whether you’ve been noticing, some of the presidential candidates would be quite happy with a theocracy. All you need is 30 percent to put it over…Why do the talk if you don’t intend the action? … I tend to feel if people say they’re going to do something, they will, if given the chance…”

Foxconn’s Brave New World

So Foxconn announced the replacement of human suicidal labor with an army of robots. The message seems to be: “stop killing yourself or struggling for better labour conditions, and don’t even think about seriously organizing. Or we’ll substitute you with machines”. But the threat is dubious. Foxconn holds a factory town where hundreds of thousands of cheap chinese workers are employed. Much more cheap than drones.