Margaret Atwood su fantascienza, distopia, realtà

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“I don’t know whether you’ve been noticing, some of the presidential candidates would be quite happy with a theocracy. All you need is 30 percent to put it over…Why do the talk if you don’t intend the action? … I tend to feel if people say they’re going to do something, they will, if given the chance…” Continua a leggere “Margaret Atwood su fantascienza, distopia, realtà”

Foxconn’s Brave New World

So Foxconn announced the replacement of human suicidal labor with an army of robots. The message seems to be: “stop killing yourself or struggling for better labour conditions, and don’t even think about seriously organizing. Or we’ll substitute you with machines”. But the threat is dubious. Foxconn holds a factory town where hundreds of thousands of cheap chinese workers are employed. Much more cheap than drones.

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